A better future for children

Thanks to the support of PM-International

With its “PM We Care” charity foundation, PM-International has been involved in charitable projects for almost 20 years. As the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision, the company supports 5.200 sponsored children, their families and entire communities in more than 60 regional development projects worldwide, including India, Peru, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Zimbabwe. With every FitLine product sold, PM-International supports its sponsored children around the world. In this way, PM-International contributes to a lasting improvement in the lives and future of the children.

Below you can find an overview of all sponsored children of PM-International. For child protection reasons, this area is password-protected.

Write a message to one of the sponsored children

You want to write to a sponsored child of PM-International? Simply copy the Child ID (From: ABC-123456-1234) from the child profile above and paste it into the field provided. Then you are ready to go.

Countries of origin of the sponsored children of PM-International

World Vision works where the need of children and their families is the greatest. In developing countries, many regions lack essential necessities: water, food, medical care, education and income opportunities. We help children in need with our long-term projects for development cooperation, which you support with your child sponsorship.