Bundi, India

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80% of children under five years are malnourished *

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Families lack a stable income *

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35 % of adults are unable to read and write *

*The figures refer to the start of the project in 2013.

Bundi is located in the north of India in the state of Rajasthan. The land is characterized by hills. Every year brings heavy monsoon rains, which frequently lead to flooding. Most families live from what they grow themselves, such as wheat and corn. Often, however, they do not possess their own land. Their harvests are not enough to feed their children adequately. An alarming 80 % of children under the age of five are malnourished. Medical care is extremely poor because there are not enough staff. Clean drinking water and sanitation are also scarce. Instead of learning in schools, many children have to work to support their families. Girls are often married off at an early age. World Vision supports the families who are still very disadvantaged and most affected by poverty due to their ethnicity.

Focus of our work

Project sponsorship Bundi

Health & Nutrition

Four out of five children under the age of five are malnourished, which means they are too skinny, often too small and very susceptible to diseases. This is also due to a lack of vaccinations. For many families, the health stations are located too far away and besides are poorly equipped.

How World Vision helps

  • Cooking and nutrition courses for mothers
  • Vegetable gardens for families
  • Training of voluntary health workers as contact persons in case of diseases
  • Educating pregnant women and mothers on disease prevention and examination services
  • Education of parents on vaccination protection
  • Hygiene training for families
Project sponsorship Bundi


Many families lack a stable and sufficient income. The small farmers are mostly dependent on the landlords. In addition, the farming methods of small farmers are outdated and therefore bring their families only low yields.

How World Vision helps

  • Training for smallholders in efficient and resource-saving farming and livestock production
  • Distribution of seeds
  • Support in finding income opportunities outside agriculture
  • Assistance in setting up small businesses
  • Counseling for young people
Project sponsorship Bundi

Education & Children's Rights

About 35 % of the adults are not able to read and write. The reason is that instead of learning, many children have to work to support the family. Girls are often married off at an early age. Schools are poorly equipped and teachers are often insufficiently educated.

How World Vision helps

  • Further training for teachers
  • Establishment of an education committee to involve parents more in the school activities
  • Establishment of children's clubs to increase children's self-confidence
  • Education on children's rights
  • Establishment of child protection committees consisting of children and adults

How we work

PM Ambassador visiting the project area Bundi
PM Ambassador with children from the project area Bundi
PM visit to Bundi project area

World Vision has gained important experience over the years. We know that our work can only be successful if we closely involve the children and families in our projects in all processes. Together we decide at the beginning of a project: What are the biggest problems in the area? In which areas do we start? Decisions are made by a committee consisting of elected representatives of the community, World Vision staff and other local partners. Over time, families take on more and more responsibility so that one day – usually after about 15 years – they will be able to continue developing their area without World Vision. To achieve this, we teach people how to successfully advocate for their children's rights with authorities and claim government support.

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