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Chosen Sponsorship

For the first time children can choose their own sponsors

Some children wait years to be chosen by sponsors. But what would happen if, instead, they got to choose? For the first time, you can give a child the chance to choose YOU as their sponsor. Chosen Sponsorship gives children the power to take hold of their future, to create change in their own lives, and to transform their community.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Chosen sponsorship:


In the video you can see what one photo can change.

Below you can find a list of countries that take part in the Chosen Sponsorships. Select your country, follow the link and register for the unique opportunity to transform a child's life!

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Austria, Germany and Switzerland
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

You want to participate but can not find your country in the list? Then sign up for a Chosen sponsorship with World Vision New Zealand: Click here

Note: This website is open for Chosen registrations until 01/01/2023. Depending on which country you sign up for a Chosen sponsorship, the dates of the Chosen parties may vary and you may receive information about your Chosen sponsorship at different times than people signing up for other countries.

Your trust is important to us

Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that your sponsorship contribution is used efficiently and sustainably. Excellent transparency and effective action are very important to us. We also publish facts and figures about our work in our annual report

World Vision is active worldwide and has over 70 years of experience in development cooperation. More than 3 million sponsors trust us. The particularly responsible handling of donations is confirmed by the seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) and was awarded first place in a Spiegel Online study.

At World Vision, the largest part of the income goes into project funding and thus helps your sponsored child, their family and the region in which they live.

Spendensiegel World Vision

86,6 % project expenses - flow directly into the project work and thus also help your sponsored child

8,8 % advertising - so that even more children can be helped

2,2 % administration - for the organization of the World Vision teams

2,4 % sponsor and donor service - so that you get the best sponsor experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answer Section
How does my Chosen sponsorship help specifically?

A child sponsorship is a particularly sustainable and personal form of support in which you can experience how the life and environment of the child change for the better through contact with your sponsored child. When you become a child sponsor, you support not only the child, but also the family and the child's environment. However, a sponsorship is not a form of adoption; the children remain in their familiar environment.

What is the difference between Chosen sponsorship and child sponsorship?

The difference is that in a wish sponsorship, the children choose their sponsor on the basis of photos and not the other way around as is usually the case in a child sponsorship. In this way, the children decide who will accompany them on their way to a better future.

How long does a Chosen sponsorship last?

A sponsorship is always a temporary accompaniment. Helping people to help themselves is the way to help children and their families out of poverty and to ensure that families can provide for their children themselves. The goal of World Vision's support is always long-term independence from aid. Therefore, World Vision sponsorships end when the goals of a project have been achieved. This is usually the case after 12 to 15 years. However, there are also situations in which a sponsorship ends prematurely, for example when sponsored children move away from the project area.

Do I enter into a contractual obligation?

No, when you take on a sponsorship for a child, you do not enter into any contractual obligation. You can end your commitment at any time - without giving reasons.

What does a Chosen sponsorship cost?

Sponsoring a child at World Vision is possible starting at 30 € per month. With this, we provide help that not only benefits a single child, but also promotes the family and the environment. Because only in this way can development be truly sustainable.

How can I create a personal relationship with my sponsored child?

Letter contact with your sponsored child is a wonderful way to get to know and understand the child and its environment better. Your sponsored child is happy to receive mail. Even a short greeting is a sign of care and contributes to a child's development. When you sponsor a child, you always have the opportunity to be an active part of their life.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes! The girls and boys are very happy to meet their sponsors. You can see for yourself the development progress of the child and the project during a visit on site. Such a visit can become a bridge between cultures. World Vision regularly offers sponsor group trips.

How do I find out about my sponsored child's development?

With no other form of donation than a child sponsorship do you experience so concretely how and where your help has an effect. Because your help gets a face. We inform you regularly about your sponsored child and you can write to them and even visit them.

You can find out about the child's development - such as health, family situation and success at school - at any time online via the sponsor portal. There you can find out all the news about your sponsored child and view new photos and videos. In addition, we keep you up to date with annual reports about the child and the project.

How does my sponsored child benefit from a sponsorship?

Sponsored children do not receive a direct monetary contribution. Instead, we bundle your monthly contribution with those of the other sponsors. In this way, your sponsorship contribution has a threefold effect, since not only your sponsored child, but also the family and the region benefit from our comprehensive project work. At the same time, we can use the money effectively where it will help the people in the villages the most. 

As a children's charity, the well-being of children is particularly important to us. Therefore, the following points are an integral part of our development work:

  • Regular monitoring of the progress and well-being of the sponsored children by local employees
  • Allowing children to be children and protecting them from abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Activities such as children's clubs, learning events and community celebrations
  • Encouraging letters, photos or packages you choose to send to your sponsored child
  • The improvement of the entire region through clean water systems, improved schools, health centers and agricultural associations
  • The prospect of a better life thanks to education
Who does World Vision work with in developing countries?

At World Vision, donations are not simply passed on to organizations in developing countries. We also take responsibility for what happens with the donations on the ground. This is possible because our partners also belong to the worldwide network of World Vision offices. In this way, uniform quality standards can be set worldwide and project successes can be measured and compared internationally and the projects can be further developed. In this way, particularly sustainable improvements in the lives of sponsored children and their environment become possible.

How can Chosen events take place during the pandemic?

Protecting children during the coronavirus is our primary goal. Our experience in disaster management allows us to respond quickly and access relief efforts during the pandemic. We are working with local authorities to educate the population, increase hygiene and health interventions in projects, equip them with hand-washing stations, and distribute hygiene kits and protective equipment and treatment materials to health facilities. We train health workers and volunteers, refer people with flu-like symptoms to nearest health facilities, and care for sick children and their families. We support ministries of education and schools with childcare and hand out teaching materials in the event of school closures. As a result, we take care to protect children and families, as well as our employees, in all our activities, while closely following safety standards.

Any questions left?

If you have any questions about wish sponsorship, our project manager Sudhir Schröder (wunschpate@worldvision.eu) will be happy to answer them. You can ask him your questions here:

Sudhir Schröder

Chosen sponsorship means: empowering children

Sponsoring a child is a very personal form of support.

Your help has a threefold effect: As a sponsor, you are committed to improving the living conditions of your sponsored child, the family and the people in the region in a long-term and sustainable way. For example, everyone on site benefits from the construction of new wells for clean drinking water.

Helping people to help themselves: This is our way of enabling children and their families to overcome poverty, hunger and injustice in the long term.

Give a future: You enable your sponsored child to grow up healthy and educated. A sponsorship gives children a perspective and gives them the chance for a better future.

Personal contact: The mutual letter contact is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the child and its environment better. The contact with the sponsor is proven to motivate the children to make an effort in school.